A short History of anderson's winery


Anderson's is a labor of love


Anderson’s began as an orchard in 1927 developed by the Anderson Family.  In 1994, David Lundstrom took it over.  He maintained the orchard for nearly a decade until he was able to replace the aging fruit trees with grapevines.  This was the beginning of Anderson’s Orchard and Winery. 

In 2010, during a trip to the Napa Valley area and walking around the quaint, little town of St. Helena, the new owners started talking about how fun it would be to open a winery in Valparaiso.  Already busy with Aberdeen Manor Ballroom and Event Center, this dream was always something that remained in the back of their minds.

In March of 2018, that vision finally became a reality and they purchased Anderson’s Winery.  The future looks bright as they have already renovated a lot of the storefront, brought in new items, Fair Oaks Cheese and Meat, and are lining up a summer concert series!  Events are starting to book.  Showers, corporate functions, and weddings will all be taking place in the garden area outside of the winery. 

Anderson’s Winery and Vineyard is located on the highest ridge in Porter County called the Moraine Ridge which is ideal for growing grapes.  Much time and energy has already been put into the grapevines in hopes that one day they will thrive again and the new owners will be able to make estate wines again. 


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